Team of Experts

The dance school is continuously receiving great inspiration and creative support by the top resource persons in various fields of knowledge related to dance, on Natya Shastra, on new dance compostions, thematic dance drama productions in terms of concepts, scripts, music compositions, costumes and stage design

1. Shatavadhani Dr. R. Ganesh :

An unparelleled Samskruta scholar and an authority on Natya Shastra and a genius in creative compositions of lyrics related to dance. He has provided his knowledge and insights in all the dance dramas and solo features produced by Sadhana Sangama. He has been honoured with innumerable accolades.

2. Dr. Shankar :

A psychiatrist by profession, is also an Ashtavadhana performer and Samskruta scholar too. He has composed dance drama scripts, and also Padavarnams in Samskruta and Kannada for S Sangama dance groups.


3. Vidwan G. Gurumurthy :

A mrudangist by profession, one of the best and top creative mrudanga players exclusively for dance. A leading music director of the day for dance productions. An internationally reputed mrudanga player, has done all the music productions for Sadhana Sangama.

4. Vidwan Srivatsa :
One of the leading vocalists of the day for dance performances, an internationally known singer ; has done music score for several of solo dance features and nrutya rupakas of the centre. He is a recipient of Karnataka kalashree award by Karnataka Sangeetah Nrutya Academy and many more accolades.

5. Vidwan H.S. Venugopal :
An internationally reputed flautist and a great source of creative inspiration for performars on stage. He has contributed his creative insights in the dance productions of Sadhana Sangama for the last 27 years of dancing career of the school.

6. Vidwan Balasubrahmanya Sharma :
One of the top and fine singers for dance, is also a big contributer in music compositions on both solo items and nrutya rupakas of the school. He is much sought after musician both in India and abroad.

7. Smt. Uma Raghunath :
A costume designer of repute exclusively for Bharatanatya and dance dramas. She has been associated with Sadhan Sangama for the last 27 years in creative designing of costumes and jewellery for all the dance drama productions.

8. Sri Ravishankar :
He is an inseparable part of dance events and productions of the school for the last 27 years in stage design, sound and light. A very humble and accommodative and inspiring force behind the school’s progressive graph.

9. Vidwan Satish Babu & Vidwan M. Swamy :
Dance professionals and teachers of repute with their own dance centre are the disciples of Vidushi Jyothi Pattabhiram. Their special talent is dance make up. Both of them are invaluable talents in makeup services during every performance of the school.

10. Sri Uday Krishna G. :
A successful and creative graphic designer and photographer. He owns Dapper Creations - a firm dealing with Advertising concepts. All our Brochures and invitations of dance schools and students Ranga Pravesha, have stamp of his creative art. He is a creative painter too and presents performance and demonstrations ; to illustrate, "Geeta Kuncha”

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