Annual Classical Dance Festivals

Qualified and talented students are provided 2 big opportunities every year.


All said and done, Bharatanatyam in reality is an elite art nourished and promoted by the affluent class. Those who are really talented but without proper support and encouragement find it very without proper support and encouragement find it very hard to get a proper platform to prove their worth. Therefore, Sadhana Sangama has been striving ceaselessly to keep creating new platforms to our young talents. One such effort is our vision of Nritya Samagama the annual celebrations where upcoming and senior dancers of the Institute collectively put up an exhibition of their learning, hard work and talent.! Samaagama Photo Gallery

A vibrant event of Colour, music, rhythm, joy and group spirit. Dance school Annual day at ADA Rangamandir, Bengaluru. About 70 -80 dance students at different levels of learning get a chance to perform. Apart from Bharatanatya traditional repertoire, every year a new dance drama is choreographed and performed on themes from classical, mythological to contemporary issues.

Every year a dance guru is invited and felicitated on this occasion.

B. Classical dance festival "MUKULA-YUGALA-BAHULA"
For 5 days at Kuvempu Open air Auditorium, BEML Layout, Basaveshwaranagar, Bengaluru.

Features of the Festival :

All classical style dances such as Bharatanatya, Kuchipudi , Mohini Attam, Kathak, Odissi, etc are presented by the invited artists, both budding and wellknown dance ensembles.

Mukula is meant for children between 10 -15 years of age group. They perform as a group of 5 dancers.

Yugala is performed by the young artists between 16-30 years age. They perform as duet.

Bahula is exclusively for well established senior dancers and gurus. They perform as a group either traditonal or Nrutya Rupaka.

Every day one dance guru is felicitated in the midst of distinguished guests and audience.

The dance school is regularly invited by the prestigious event organisors and particularly department of Kannada & Culture, Govt of Karnataka in dance festivals and special events. Mukula Bala Nrityotsav-A Perspective

"Pick-and-choose'' is the dictum of Western and European Countries, as far as the building up of talents are concerned. They are nourished and groomed with specific goals so that children not only turn out as incredible success but also unprecedented winners they are ! The number of Gold Medalists in Olympics speaks this truth by itself.

A country like ours has no dearth of talents and potentials. But we elders do lack motivation and vision. Provided, our children are given right kind of opportunities, they do shine with winning colours, whether it is sports or fine arts or software!

Children need to be nurtured with right vision of our culture, heritage and arts. They are not mere breadearners of tomorrow! A society merely affluent without culture and tradition of lasting values, can never survive. Only cultural values can keep the society free from violence and misery.

Nowadays, a great number of children come to pursue Dance or Music or any fine art. However, they drop out after a short while. A proper prospective is needed to analyse this problem. First of all, it becomes our great concern and big responsibility to protect the tender minds from meaningless imitation of the west - be it computers or culture! To do so, our cultural values and tradition, their deeper significance in relation to life, need to be inculcated at tender age. Enough of our "Jack and Jill went up the hill''. Let us turn to our own sources of joy and rhythm.

Our Arts could go a long way in creating this new vision among the children. Each fine art in our tradition is a spiritual sadhana, a process of Body Mind-Soul Integration, a reservoir of knowledge handed over to us by our great sages.

Mukula - Bala Nrityotsav is a step in this direction to create an awareness of our art and culture at a tender age so that they blossom as the custodians of tomorrows.

Yugala Yuva Nrutyotsava - A perspective

Yugala means duet. Today hundreds of taented young dancers learn, perform as professional dancers and also as as a passion.Though there are recognisable opportunitieas to showcase their talents through prestigious sabhas and festivals, both private and government, the opportunities are not enough. Hence the need for more and more stage opportuniyies for the youngsters so that they continue to be cusstodians of our noble art and culture so that they become the bridge between the great gurus and budding talents.

Yugala Yuva Nrutyotsava is step in this direction to nourish the young hearts to develop a passion for dance.

Bahula Nrutyotsava - a perspective

The tender talents of the kids and the blossoming talents of the youth have to become a continium as a tradition of generations. Both the children and the youth have to constantly become aware of our art and culture by witnessing the great contributions made our great gurus an dance traditions. Therefore, Bahula is a platform for the expert dancers an dance gurus to showcase their talents and dance productions.

Bahula Nrutyotsava is a step in this direction to maintain the chain of continum of Mukula and Yugala-to create an awareness of art and culture at a tender age so that they blossom as the custodians of tomorrows by the guidance and blessings of Gurus and tradition.
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