Sadhana Sangama’s artistic contribution to the cultural scenario to the Bangalore City is immense. It has been working in 3 dimensional approach. A training Centre of Bharatanatya with a blend of classical music and yoga to create a holistic personality in the dancer.

1. Prepare them for dance examinations - Junior, Senior, Proficiency grade conducted by Karnataka State Secondary Education Board, Govt. of Karnataka and also Gandharva Mahavidyalaya, Pune & Mumbai, Ranga pravesha, stage performance and as a dance teacher.

2. Conduct and organise workshops and seminars on dance and Natya Shastra to create a better awareness of this age-old traditional art of dance.

3. Provide platform for budding and renowned artists, free training to needy and talented children and dance drama productions.

Training Methodology in our Institute :

Sadhana Sangama aims to propagate the rich cultural heritage of Indian Classical dance in its spiritual roots.

• Intensive training in traditional Bharatanatya being imparted to the talented aspirants both in India and abroad.

• Traditional training in Yoga practises related to dance and Karnaktak music as a holistic base to Bharatanatya training is also important.

• Theory of dance based on classical dance texts namely Natya Shastra and Abhinaya Darpana. - both elementary and advanced levels are offered.

• Deserving and talented students get wonderful opportunities to perform on various stages and take part in dance productions of Sadhana Sangama Trust. Admissions are open throughout the year.

No eligibility criteria put on admitting the students. On the contrary, they are catogorised in various blocks because the trust firmly believes that dance is not just performance but also to develop a holistic personality, a spiritual sadhana at

  • 1. Physical level
  • 2. Pranic level (Breath)
  • 3. Emotional Level
  • 4. Intellectual level
  • 5. Spiritual level

Dance training is designed based on “Pancha Kosha Viveka” personality model, as enumerated in our Upanishadic texts - “Thaithareeya Upanishad”

There by a dancer at Sadhana Sangama Dance school would become any of the following - or all

  • 1. Performer
  • 2. A teacher and Choreographer
  • 3. Natuvanar (Rhythmist with Brass symbols in the hands guiding the dancer and coordinating the music ensemble during performance)
  • 4. Dance organisor
  • 5. Dance critic
  • 6. Writer
  • 7. Dance philosopher
  • 8. Dance spiritual guide
  • 9. Dance well wisher
  • 10. Patron

Students who are dedicated and talented are chosen to be part of Sadhana Nrutya Nipuna - the performing unit of the institution. The performing unit is at 3 age groups 1) Children below 14 years - Sadhana Baala Vrunda 2) Sadhana Yuva Vrunda 3) Sadhana Nipuna Vrunda to perform in both Bharatanatya and Nrutya Rupaka

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