Dance Workshops and Seminars

Objectives :

(i) To blend theory and practice as enumerated in Natyashastra and popularize its creative dimensions, by way of workshops and seminars, residential camps, lecture demonstrations, publishing books and journals etc.

(ii) Creating a platform for the young talents and renowned artists alike.

(iii) Conduct workshops and Seminars on dance.

A unique, explorative, Experiential Lecture-Demo-performance Series. Sadhana Sangama has succesfully evoked inquisitive response among the scholars, dancers, teachers and performers through organising a Lecture - Demo - Performance series on Vrittis, based on Natyasashtra of Bharata Muni and its harmony with Yoga-Vedanta. The entire approach of this participatory workshop series, 5 in number, has been from Fragment to whole- a human integral approach through dance. The high lights of lecture demo performance series on Vritties :

(I) Kaishike Vritti: Presented by Smt. Nirupama Rajendra, Abhinava Art Centre, Bangalore.

(ii) Aarabhatee : Presented by Dr. Shridhar Shakuntala Nrityalaya, Bangalore.

(iii) Satvatee : Presented by Smt. Jyothi Pattabhiram, Sadhana Sangama, Bangalore.

(iv) Bharatee : Presented by Smt. Indira Kadambi & Sri Ramaprasad Naadanta School of Dance & Music, Bangalore.

(v) Bhavika : Presented by Smt. Bhanumathi Nritya Kala Mandira, Bangalore.

Two Day Seminar - Demo - Performance


Natya Vritti - Culminating in Yogika an ambitious continuum integrating seminar. Seminar with a two fold approach. The first part being a 3 day preparatory workshop during 14th 15th & 16th May 1999

Day 1 : Exploring human emotions, unfurled through body language, in the dance idiom, i,e Kaishiki Vritti-Aangika.

Day 2 : Experiencing the transformed, refined emotions and culturing its expressions by way of dance I,e Aarabhati Vritti-Aangika & Vachika.

Day 3 : Expressing the transformed, refined emotions and culturing its expressions by way of dance, I,e Sattavatti Vritti - Sattvika with a blend of interrelated body speech emotions in the twin arts of Music and dance I.e Bharati Vritti - Vachika.



Yoga Asanas and correlated karanas enacted are demonstared and explained and training is given in the workshops based on the ancient text Natya Shastra and Yoga Shastra.The workshop aims human existence, and establish the fact that Dance is equally a path of Spirituality similar to Yoga. The entire workshop is based on Pancha Kosha Viveka Tatva as enumerated in Taittareeya Upanishad.

Nrutya Vidushi Jyothi Pattabhiram’s annual visits abroad for Dance workshops and Stage shows.

Annual visits to USA and Canada :

In USA, at New Jersey and Calgary and Toronto in Canada she conducts annual dance workshops during summer vacations for dance aspirants both kids and youth and dance teachers as well. Barathanatya repertoire (Margam) is taught at all the 3 levels in the workshops along with related theory of dance based on Natya Shastra and Abhinaya Darpana. Relevant yoga practice, Pranayama breathing excercise and meditation are taught to enable the dancer to enhance the talent of dance. The workshops culminate in stage shows wherein the participants, parents and invited audience get a chance to see Vidushi Jyothi also performing with the workshop group. She also presents lecture demonstrations on dance topics to integrate their knowledge of dance with performance.

Special and Unique workshops :

During her annual visits to USA and Canada, she conducts 2 Unique workshops :

1. Rasa Yoga Workshop for dancers - “The Holistic Dancer”

A Holistic blend of Art-aesthetics and Life-aesthetics in a dancer’s personality – an awareness and insight into this concept is the objective of this workshop. The skills of a classical dancer, in terms of rhythm – movements – expressions – need to be yoked with a Holistic inner self, to achieve COMPLETENESS & TOTALITY OF THIS DIVINE ART OF DANCE.

The Holistic Dancer’ workshop is inspired by “Two” concepts:

a) Bharata Muni in his treatise Natya Shastra refers to “Samaahita Manas” i.e. only a serene mind can produce pure satvic feeings, which are not touched by personal emotions, yet spontaneous, creative and fragrant with human essence. A dancer’s personal emotions to be analysed in the light of this insight and refine the Satvika Abhinaya.

b) “Aanandasya Sarve Jeevaha Maatram Upajeevanti” i.e. from this Bliss, all living beings derive happiness – Ananda is at the base of all life. This is the Vedantic insight into Holistic personality. The Holistic concept of man’s personality in five sheaths of existence – “Panchakoshas” as presented by the Taittareeya Upanishad is the third source of Inspiration in this workshop.

What do you learn and experience during the workshop?

  • Specific physical movement-training to enhance most effectively the dancing skills of a dancer.
  • Subtle but powerful breathing technique – PRANA MOVEMENT – to accelerate the physical efficiency in terms of Stamina, flexibility coupled with mental efficiency such as concentration, memory, spontaneity, and creativity
  • Unique techniques of Demonstration of Satvika Abhinaya – facial expressions of inner emotions.
  • The Holistic Dancer workshop concludes with a Meditation technique with Mantra Incantation and a special Relaxation – “Yoga Nidra” – to touch the depths of one’s Being.

2. Rasa Yoga Workshop for Non-dancers - Old and Young

To achieve a holistic personality filled with bliss and peace, dance could be a beautiful technique. Particularly Indian dance finds its routes very much similar to Yoga, Vedanta, Spirituality and Sri Vidya practice tradition. “Know thy self” in the victum of the entire Indian vision of Spirituality. In order to know one’s own self at all levels - physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual so that one could touch the place of bliss, our Rishilore has provided wonderful techniques both simple and effective.

What do you learn and experience in the workshop ?

  • a) Body awareness to achieve a healthy flexible body is taught through simple enegising body movements to connect oneself to the inner Prana (Breath) and the emotional sheath.
  • b) Effective, simple breath flow techniques are given to enhance stamina, energy and health. It also serves as a Dhaarana technique, ( Concentration) to the mind.
  • c) Emotional personality of an individual is often either suppressed or ignored. Dance is a beautiful technique to explore, discover and analyse the grosser emotions and define them to attain inner bliss.
  • d) Ultimately, the intellect has the key role to coordinate all these faculties. The workshop provides a wonderful insight into the aspect of the mind based on yogic principles.

Contact : To hold Dance workshops and Stage shows in USA and Canada
Suresh Paliwal (USA) : +173-2274 9068
Vijay Sarathy (Toronto, Canada) : +190-5591 2382
Murugavel (Calgary, Canada) : +140-3513 6739




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