Sadhana Sangama Trust

Sadhana Sangama Trust is a registered, public, non-profit, charitable organization, established in 1986 at Bengaluru, India with a vision of creating happy, healthy, harmonious society through Yoga, Sri Vidya, Dance, Holistic Education and Holistic Health.

Charaivetee ..... Charaivetee ..... - the eternal Silver Song of Sadhana Sangama Trust.

Our Vision & Mission

Our Vision & Mission is constantly blessed and guided by the RISHI LORE in Himalayan Tradition of North and Sri Vidyaranya Tradition of South India. The mission is to integrate Yoga, Dance, Music, Art and Holistic Education. The Trust is dedicated to the great Himalayan Yogi and Philosopher Swami Rama, author of the classic “Living with the Himalayan Masters”.

The Himalayan Tradition
The tradition of the Himalayan sages is an unbroken chain extending for thousands of years, a living tradition existing even today untouched by the passage of time. The Himalayan Tradition is the tradition of meditation. It is not bound by any particular dogma. It is not bound by the frontiers of religion and caste. It is universal in nature. Meditation is the key and the central aspect of the practices of the Himalayan tradition.

Liberation from misery, not realization of God, is the purpose of life. Realization of God comes later. Freedom from the bondages of our own suffering, our own misery comes first. Pãtanjala Yoga Shastra is the base, which is a study of human psychology, much deeper than the modern psychology as a subject, and the path of Sri Vidya as the pinnacle of spiritual practice in the Himalayan Tradition.

Sadhana Sangama Trust is a confluence of Yoga, Dance, Music, Holistic Education, conducting multi-faceted activities for the benefit of the people, towards building of a harmonious society. Charaivetee - march ahead is the dictum of Sadhana Sangama with which the trust is on the path of progress towards building a solid integrated community of spirituality.

Objectives :

Since its inception, inspired by the life's message of our Rishilore, the Trust has been ceaselessly working for the welfare of humanity. The Trust conducts public programmes in India and abroad which are free in nature and the objective being –

  • ·To promote educational, cultural and humanitarian activities in the light of ancient culture of the age of the Upanishads, like Yoga, Dance, Music, Holistic Educational activities.
  • · To promote physical, psychological and spiritual health through AYURVEDA-YOGANATUROPATHY and Allied sciences.
  • · To carry out the research in the field of Yoga Therapy and Naturopathy.
  • · To carryout research on the medicinal properties of herbs and roots
  • · To promote and investigate the validity of home cures.
  • · To promote afforestation, Agriculture, Horticulture and sericulture. To provide exhaustive library facilities for the public in the field of Yoga, Nature cure, Botany, Rural Education, health, Music, Dance, Philosophy and subjects directly related to man and nature.
  • · To provide facilities for religious and creative living.
  • · To promote, conduct and assist in the dissemination of the above objects to members of the public, to establish, organize, and hold classes, lectures, courses, schools, seminars and study groups and to publish and be associated to encourage and provide facilities for research and related activities.

Our Projects

Sadhana Sangama Trust has envisioned Sadhana Vidya Pratishtana comprising of 5 projects at Sadhana Dhama ashram:

  • 1. Sadhana Vidyalaya - Gurukula based education for children
  • 2. Sadhana Arogyavardhini – Center for holistic health
  • 3. Sadhana Kala Kshetra – Center for Dance, Music and Drama Indian classical arts like dance and music are envisioned to be path of spiritual sadhana integrating bodybreath- intellect and spirit to realize the Supreme. It aims to develop a holistic personality where emotions play a vital role; hence, the need to be cultured and refined.
  • 4. Sadhana Gramotthana - Center for providing skill and craft oriented education to rural children It aims to provide various skills and craft oriented education to rural dropout children from main stream of education in India. This envisages to be a free programme to empower and equip them to earn a livelihood in areas such as carpentry, pottery etc. Apart from imparting such skills, the project involves educating the children to develop their talents through yoga, dance and music.
  • 5. Sadhana Vikasana - Provide spiritual training to seekers dedicated to pursue spiritual path. A project meant for seekers to pursue the path of intense spirituality. It aims to establish an exhaustive library of spiritual books and other facilities to enable Sadhakas to reside in the Ashram, contemplate, conduct research and pursue their Sadhana.

Our Mentors

Sri Pattabhiram and Smt. Jyothi Pattabhiram , mentors and teachers of Sadhana Sangama Trust are direct disciples of Swami Rama of the Himalayan Tradition and are practicing Sri Vidya are under the discipleship of Guru Sathyanandanatha of Mysuru, (Sri Mahamahopadhyaya R. Sathyanarayana, an internationally acclaimed Musicologist, Danceologist and Sri Vidya Adept).

Jyothi & Pattabhiram – the Yoga Dance Duo
“Shareera Maadhyama Khalu Dharma Sadhanam” so proclaim our ancient seers – Human body, a medium necessary, certainly to achieve life’s goal – be it materialistic or spiritual. Indian classical dance, like any other path of Sadhana, nurtures this truth. Using the physical body, as the medium, dancer integrates body – breath – intellect and spirit, to realize the SUPREME – at the exhilarating Trio – Space – Satyam, Shivam, Sundaram. Thus, dancer experiences, intuitive art, at once spiritual, and sparkling creativity, in the luminuous Heart Centre - `Anaahatha’ the unheard melody of the SUPREME. `Kalayoga Sadhana’ blossoms in Sadhana Sangama Centre, inspired by the life’s messages of our Rishilore. The Trust, dedicated to our Guru Deva -Swami Rama of the Himalayas, since 1986, has been ceaselessly spreading these ennobling truths of Yoga - Nrutya – Holistic Education across the world. The over-whelming response in the west to understand these truths, has paved the way for establishing Sadhana Sangama International in the U.S.A. Canada and U.K. Initiated into spirituality by ennobling Swami Rama, the couple is presently being guided in Sri Vidya by Guru Satyanandanatha, a Srividya adept, internationally acclaimed musicologist and danceologist - Dr. R. Satyanarayana of Mysore.

Her Awards:

  • · Karnataka Sangeetha Nruthya Academy State Award 2005-2006
  • · Yoga Natya Saraswathi – 2003, Sydney Kannada Sangha, Australia
  • · Sri Bharata Kala Prashasthi – Sri Radhakrishna Tantri Dance School, Udupi – 2006
  • · “Natya Bharati” – Natya Taranga Trust, Sagar, Karnataka

His Awards:

  • · “Vidya Ratan” – 2004-05 by Shubharam Trust, Bangalore
  • · “Yogashree” –2005-06 by Bangalore Yoga Centre dedicated to Sri BKS Iyengar
  • · “Kannadigaru – U.K” Reading –United Kingdom Kannada Rajyotsava Award – 2008

Our Centres :

The mission is to usher in a Healthy, Happy and Harmonious society by promoting concepts of holistic living based on the science of yoga, the art of Dance and music and the holistic Education.

The Centres organize workshops, lectures, and seminars on spirituality, yoga, naturopathy, Indian culture and art forms, such as dance and music. These are aimed at addressing the needs of individuals at the physical, mental, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual levels. SSI has a group of volunteers living in different cities of USA, Canada and UK dedicated to coordinating these activities.

They offer all workshops, lectures and seminars on a voluntary contribution basis. The funds raised are used to further its efforts in North America in conducting free public workshops and in addition to support various education and holistic health related projects in India.

  • Contact : To hold programmes, workshops, Stage shows, lectures related to Yoga and dance in USA and Canada :
  • Suresh Paliwal (USA) : +173-2274 9068
  • Vijay Sarathy (Toronto, Canada) : +190-5591 2382
  • Murugavel (Calgary, Canada) : +140-3513 6739

Our Centre in India :

- Sadhana Sangama Trust, Basaveshwaranagar, Bangalore.

  • Sadhana Sangama Centre at Bangalore offers :
  • * Foundation level & Advanced Level Bharathanatya
  • * Dance Workshops & Dance Exams
  • * Dance Drama productions
  • * Intensive Abhinaya Course
  • * Special Yoga Course for Dances
  • * Special Yoga Course for Musicians
  • * Basic Music - Carnatic Vocal
  • * Basic Yoga Course
  • * Special Meditation Classes
  • * Yoga Therapy
  • * Rasa Yoga - Stress Management
  • * Lecture series on Gayathri Mantra
  • * Mruthyunjaya Mahamantra and Patanjali Yoga Shastra
  • * Meditation Course based on Bhagavadgita

Contact : Sadhana Sangama Trust Administrative Office
Kalayoga, 8th Cross, 3rd Main Road, Near Om Shakthi Temple, B.E.M.L. Extn. 1st Stage, Basaveshwaranagar,
Bengaluru - 560 079
Phone : +91-80-23222611, Manager Sriram 96635 70913
Email :
Website :

- Sadhana Dhama Ashram, Near Chennapatna, Karnataka

  • Activities at our Ashram Sadhana Dhama, Chennapatna
  • (i) “Gurukula” Sadhana Vidyalaya with Hostel Facilities Day School for rural children
  • (ii) Residential personality development camps for children
  • (iii) Health - Happiness - Harmony - Holistic camps for all in Kannada and English

Ashram Activities and Sadhana Vidyalaya
Administrator : Sri Narasimha Murthy
Phone - 9901710565
Coordinator : Smt. Kavitha Narasimha Murthy : 9731376534
Sadhana Dhama Ashram for Holistic Living
4th Km, Srirampuri, Kanva Reservoir Road, Channapatna, Bengaluru Rural
Phone : 080 - 7265217

Sadhana Sangama Chapters at

  • 1. New Delhi
  • 2. Mumbai
  • 3. Chennai
  • 4. Hyderabad
  • 5. Nagpur
  • 6. Mangalore
  • 7. Kundapur
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