Sadhana Dhama :The ashram for holistic living

Sadhana Dhama - our Ashram is situated in the lush green valley, nestled in a 12 acre plot of land near Kanva Village and Kanva Reservoir, 60 kms from Bengaluru, Karnataka, India on the Bengaluru -Mysuru highway.

The Ashram has the following facilities, for the Sadhakas (Spiritual Aspirants) :

• Dhyana Mandir: It is a spacious meditation hall incorporating 3 pyramid roofs. The hall can accommodate about 500 people. The hall comprises of life size (5 feet) statue of Ishta Anjaneya in marble in meditative posture and also a Stage (dias) for conducting Yoga and Cultuiral programmes and special events, as well.

• Sadashiva Chintamani Cave: The cave temple of Shiva has been built underneath the Dhyana Mandir which has a Shivalinga with ‘OM’, ‘Gayathri’, ‘Naga’ and ‘Nataraja’ carved on it. It has been specially built to intensify spiritual aura.

• Rajarajeshwari Shikharini: The pyramid has been scientifically built for chakra activation and energization in the Meditator’s body, with 4 corners specially built for energy activation and conservation to speed up the healing process of the physical body and mental body. In the centre of the pyramid, a 3 dimentional Meru Srichakra is installed for spiritual attainments.

The statue of Bhagavathi 3 ½ feet in marble is installed. She is the confluence of Goddess Sri Lakshmi, Saraswathi and Durga. She is the icon of worship for the Sri Vidya practitioners.

The Ashram also comprises of

  • Guru Nivas
  • Gayathri Kutir
  • Shakti Peeth
  • Library
  • Goshala
  • Residential facilities for guests and sadhakas.
  • Guest house to accommodate about 100 persons, with attached bathroom, spacious rooms with fan, cots and with good ventilated windows, and a dormitory facility as well.
  • Steam cooking kitchen to cook for 1000 people at a time.
  • Dining halls , 2 in number enough to accommodate 400 people at a time.
  • A generator - brand new - is installed for a non stop power supply.
  • Staff and a team of volunteers - Efficient , smiling and accommodative, eager to make the staying experience comfortable and pleasant.

The Ashram Sadhana Dhama has housed Sadhana Vidyalaya, a Gurukula model school with 530 children with whom the guests and sadhakas could interact and experience the joy of great energy in the kids