Sri Vidya - Introduction

Sri Vidya is a very ancient system of ‘sadhana’ with the goal of self realisation. “Sri” in Samskrutha languge means among several meanings, supreme or highest and also means wealth, prosperity and symbolises Goddess Lakshmi ; ‘Vidya’ refers to knowledge, that transcendental knowledge of Sri Vidya tradition transmited through the lileage of spiritual masters known as ‘Gurus’. It is considered to be the supreme knowledge by attaining which one obtains both bhoga- material afluence and moksha - liberation from the bondage of life in this life itself. The Mother divine is the presiding deity who is worshiped and meditated upon. Sri Vidya has different approaches to attain the supreme knowledge, namely Tantra, Yantra, Mantra & Mandala which the aspirant receives by the Grace of Guru and divinity. Sri Vidya traditions also have systems of external worship - ‘bahiryãga’ - through rituals like Sri Chakra and the mother divine ; internal worship - ‘antaryãga’ - where rituals are symbolic ; and supreme worship - ‘mahãyãga’ - which is beyond the realms of the mind and the physical world.

Sri Vidya at once purely a ritualistic practice at the outset while the mother divine in the physical form is proficiated. Sri Vidya also trancends this system to become a knowledge of energy dynamics, a symbol of ‘Shakthi’. Then it transcends to realms of trancendental knowledge and universal in its approach to its practises. Sri Vidya is also called ‘Shakthi Upasana’ meaning the worship of the energy principles.- Shiva, the supreme conciousness is the male principle of creation of this universe while Shakthi, the mother divine is the female peinciple of this creation.