Method of Treatment

Toxins blocks the vessels, joints, nerves, preventing an easy flow of energy in the body. Thus, the rigidity in the blood vessels indicates aging.

Swami Rama has given 5 fold approach to leading a healthy life:

  • 1. Right exercise – yoga, free hand exercises
  • 2. Right relaxation – differential relaxation, 32 point relaxation
  • 3. Right food – balanced sattvic diet
  • 4. Right holistic attitude – harmonious approach towards life, purification of mind by following the percepts of science of yoga
  • 5. Right recreation – Entertainment and recreation that nourishes mind, body and creates harmony in life and conserves energy

10% of the diseases are caused by infections. In remaining 90% cases, diseases are created by negative attitudes towards life. These diseases are called psychosomatic diseases. While bodily ailments like infections can be treated with drugs and medicine, the remaining 90% psychosomatic diseases should be treated at the root level.

Negative emotions like tension, stress, anxiety, frustration, dejection, hurt cause diseases like obesity, diabetes, BP, arthritis and back ache. These diseases can be treated by yogasana, pranayama, meditation and yogic relaxation techniques. This will be combined with holistic food. While bad food habits lead to diseases, correct food habits help in treating diseases and regain good health.

The center will provide treatment of diseases with non-drug therapies like:

  • · Ayurveda
  • · Naturopathy
  • · Accupressure
  • · Nada (sound) therapy
  • · Colour (varna) therapy
  • · Magneto (aeskaant) therapy
  • · Stress reduction techniques involving asana, pranayama, kriyas, yoga nidra, meditation etc.

Weekend programs will be conducted for the groups from the corporate world from Friday evening to Sunday afternoon. Training will be provided on stress management. This will involve art of relaxation, stretching exercises, and group activities.

This training will provide the Yogic understanding of health. It will teach the practical methods to realize and tap the dormant inner power. It will guide participants to experience well being at all levels-physical, emotional, and spiritual.

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