Yoga, the Human Integral Science

Yoga means Samãdhi, i.e. Harmony or integration-thus Yoga is the art if Integration which enhances Harmony at all levels of the human personality. Every human personality has 5 layers of existence - Pancha Kosha Viveka.

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  • 1. Annamaya Kosha - the physical sheath
  • 2. Prãnamaya Kosha - the sheath of breath
  • 3. Manomaya Kosha - the mental sheath
  • 4. Vijnãnamaya Kosha - the sheath of intellect
  • 5. Ãnandamaya Kosha - the sheath of bliss.

The path of Yoga is to integrate and hormonise all these 5 layers of existence. Pathanjali Maharshi, the codifier of our ancient Yoga systems is believed to be the author of the most ancient text on Yoga “Pãthanjala Yoga Darshanam”

Pãthanjala Yoga Shastra is a holistic Human Integral Science. It comprises of 4 Pãdãs.

  • 1. Samãdhi Pãdã - Pathanjali describes several efforts in this Pada to bring harmony and Chitta Prasadhana.
  • 2. Sãdhana Pãdã - Pathanjali focusses on the impurities in the above Koshas excluding Ananadamaya Kosha and also the methods to purify them. It is the Sadhana of the human intelligence to brighten, expand and to merge with cosmic intelligence.
  • 3. Vibhoothi Pãdã - Pathanjali talks about various psychic powers - Siddhi that an individual soul can attain through Yoga Sadhana.
  • 4. Kaivalya Pãdã - Pathanjali hepls the aspirants not to get entangled with these psychic powers and guides to detach fron these powers to get back to one’s own true nature i.e. Kevalatha.

The prevalent notions about yoga in the West and also in the present day India is only Asanas - body postures, as described in Ashtanga Yoga viz Yama, Niyama, Asana, Pranayama, Pratyahara, Dhaarana, Dhyana and Samadhi. The need of the day is to replace it by a broader and meaningful vision and approach to yoga. Pathanjala yoga Darshanam is a true torch bearer to all yoga aspirants in the modern times to release oneself from stressful chaotic life towards integration and harmony.