Training - Summer Camps & Winter Camps

Sadhana Sangama Trust organises unique residential Summer & Winter camps at Sadhana Dhama Ashram

Two residential summer camps :
1. Sadhana Kishora Samskara Shibir : Children’s holistic personality residential camps in the month of April. So far 26 such camps have been successfully conduct in which about 120 children participate annually. Yogacharya Pattabhiram has envisioned this camp to be a personality development programmes without touching either computer or pen & pencil. It is unique in the sense that the physical, mental, emotional & spiritual dimensions of the child are given focus of attention through lots of Samskara moulding activities.

  • High lights :
  • Creative Yogasana Session
  • Memory - concentration improvement yogic kriyas
  • Shanthi manthras, Bhajans, Patriotic songs
  • Meditation in pyramid & cave
  • Gayathri manthra & special Saraswathi manthra for sharp intellect
  • Indian group games, collective dynamic entertainment
  • Hyking - trecking - camp fire - folk games- folk dance- contemporary dance - folk music
  • Karma yoga - jogging etc.

2. Inner Sadhana Camp :
A Unique adults week long residential intensive retreat in the month of May. This camp is intended for elders to enhance their holistic personality traits with a special emphasis on spiritual upliftment. This camp every year conducted since 25 years has about 100 participants annually, from different parts of India, USA & Canada. Every year the concept of the camp changes.

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  • Annual Adults Summer camps -
  • a) Nitya Sadhana Yoga Camp – “Enthusiasm is Health- Health is Happiness”
  • b) Holistic Inner Journey Camp
  • c) Chakra-Prana-Mantra Meditation course
  • d) Health – Happiness – Harmony
  • e) Learn – transform – enrich your life
  • f) Holistic Health Camp
  • g) Love and family life
  • Guruji Pattabhiram says
  • • Harmony and Miseries are our creation and perception.
  • • Harmony is the very essence of family.
  • • Harmony brings relaxation, rejuvenation and enhances happiness in relationship and health in the family.

Since last year, 2012 Sadhana Sangama trust has started with a very special perspective annual Winter Camps. The camp is conducted by the 2 mentors of Sadhana Sangama, Yogacharya Pattabhiram and Smt Jyothi Pattabhiram. Apart from lectures and practice sessions by Guruji Pattabhiram on the concept of Pranidhaana, Jyothi Pattabhiram’s Sessions are focussed on Sri Vidya path of Sadhana, based on 2 unique texts on Tantra, Yantra, and Mantra namely Sri Vijnana Bhairava Tantra and Saundarya Lahari of Adi Shankaracharya.

• The above texts teach techniques of Dhaarana and the concept of devotion to the aspirants. He or she aspiring for Meditation can enhance it, could benefit by these techniques of Dhaarana to enhance one's concentration in daily life.

• The general advantages are Increased relaxation, reduction of stress & anxiety, clarity in thought & action; optimization of general health.

act3 act4Sri Vijnana Bhairava Tantra is a classical tantric text, which offers 112 varieties of dhaaranas or techniques of concentration, a subject most relevant to modern times, which also can easily be blended into personal life style. These dhaaranas, interestingly enough, can be practiced even by a beginer aspiring for qualitative concentration and gradually deepen one's meditation. It is an intimate conversation between Shiva and his spouse Shakti. 112 dharana, practises of concentration intend to give wonderful out of the body experience to enter the space, which could lead to the experience of ever lasting eternal space of bliss. It is an amazing text to discover all encompassing human potential in one’s own self.

What is Dhaarana? Dhaarana is a power of the mind to hold on to something singularly, to the exclusive of everything in a state of complete absorption in the object of inner concentration. Dhaarana is a process of seeing and not thinking, by which "mindful awareness" or CHETANA, dominates and illumines the inner chambers of one's brain circuits. Dhaarana culminates in Dhyana to experience a free flow of consciousness. The Tantric symbols utilized for Dhaarana are Mantra the mystic sounds, Yantra – a geometric diagram representing these mystic sounds, and Mandala – the three dimensional form of the mantra and the yantra. The science of Mantra, Yantra and Mandala, is based on the science of sound, form and light, to create precise energy patterns inside the human body and Mind.

4. Residential camps throughout the year on need basis
Such camps are organised as and when required. For example during sumer vacation, winter vacation, long week ends due to festival holidays and so on. Especially when groups from USA and Canada visit India to make piligrimage and spiritual retreats. The campus is fully equipped to accommodate about 100 people.

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